Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad Run Con't

Ok...correction, I did finish in the money a couple times last night and those did not show up in Poker Tracker. It shows how many I have played but does not show the stats to go with the game so what I said about not finishing in the money in the last 17 or 18 is wrong. Up until lastnight it had be awhile but I knew it hadn't been that long.

Lastnight I played in a 10 man $5 SnG and early I made a bad play with AKd and was down to 55 in chips. But I got lucky and picked up pocket 7's right after that and went all in and got like 3 callers. My 7's held up and I tripled up and then was able to double up with KK so I got right back in it and played until I went out second. My final hand heads up was with 89c and the flop came J89 rainbow. I bet out 1/2 the pot and got put all in so I called and he had J10. He was open ended with top pair so it was a good play for him. Turn was a 4, and the river was a 4 giving him 2 pair and taking me out. Although in had tons of out....I hated to lose to runner, runner.

Anyway, I got a big game this weekend so I need to be out of my funk. More on that later.
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I also took second in a 6 man $5 SnG and I took second with this hand. I am in the SB and he has me covered by a hair. I have 76 off and just call and he lets me see a flop. It comes 457 and I jam it and he goes all in. I call and he shows A7 and I did not improve. I had top pair with a good draw so I felt pretty good about the decision.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Bad Run

Ok, Last time I posted I mention that I was on a bad run but I wasn't loosing like I normally do when I go on a bad run....well I shouldn't have even talked about it because it caught up with me.
Let me tell ya:

1st I went to the casino this weekend. Did a Saturday morning drive and then played all day Saturday and came home Sunday. I play with my Grandpa and we usually will play for about 2 or 3 hours and then take a break for an 1 or 2 hours and play another 3 hour session. We usually play 3 3 hour sessions in a day. To make a long story short...I lost $200. And really I didn't play that bad. I hardly played a hand. You are suppose to try to win one big pot an hour, well I lost one big pot an hour.

2nd I got home and I had some time to kill before the Super Bowl so I decide to play a couple 6 man Sng. Well I played 3 of the me and was the first one out in all three. That really sux. Now those were some my fault.

Then I lost $100 bucks on the Superbowl.

Then I went home and played a 10 man Sng and a 18 man 3 table SnG...went out 12th in the 18 man one and 4th in the 10 man one. I went into poker tracker and looked and I have not finished in the money of the last 15 SnG that I have played.

Even with all that...I really still do not feel like I am that far behind. I am still not down on myself and feeling like I can't win. This is the first bad run that I have been on since I read Killer Poker so maybe that is it.

Anyway, I will play again tonight and hopefully turn this ship around.
Since the blog +722 ( not counting the Superbowl bet...that doesn't come out of the poker fund)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sorry it has been awhile

Sorry Guys that I have not posted in forever. I was posting alot in late December and early January because I was pretty slow at work. Since then it has really picked up.

How is poker going? Well not to bad. I have been in one of those dry runs but I am proud to say that normally I go broke when I start running bad. This time I seem to be almost even. I think I am only down probably $20 bucks since my last post. I probably put anywhere from $20-$50 in play a night.

I haven't been able to play live lately so that is probably why I still have cash...lol.

I think that I mention that I have been spending most of my time at UB now. I love starting with more chips and lower blinds. I think this helps if you are not catching cards.

Also I have been reading Lee Jones ( I think that is the author) Low Limit Holdem. It has help refresh my memory about low limit holdem. I do get to play low limit holdem at the casino close to my Grandpa's house. He called me yesterday and he is wanting to play bad. I told him that I would meet him there Saturday and play for the day. He likes the $3/$6 table and I sit with him and play and we really have a good time. The play is not good but we have fun and don't lose much. Anyway, I will let you know how it goes.

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Thursday night game

Had a good crowd lastnight. I think we had like 24 there and it was a good mix of players. I played pretty solid all night long. Just so I don't have to keep you hang until the end...I went out 8th, but I had some interesting hands.

The 1st hand that I wanna tell you about took place in the middle of the tournament. Blinds are 200/400 and I have roughly 35oo in chips. We started with 2500 for a $40 buy in with no rebuys. I am on the button and I have 56d. There are 3 limpers when it gets to me so I call, SB folds and BB checks. Flop comes 8 3 Q with two clubs. The small blind is talking to me. She is a friend of mine and is an average player. She was telling me that she hasn't had a break all night. Anyway, BB checks and so do the other limpers. I fire 500 into the flop and get an easy fold. As I muck them I show them to her. She said that everytime she tries that...she gets screwed. I told her that it has to be the right situtation. First I had positions. Now this does not mean a whole lot to most of the yahoos that I play with but it does when you want to pull a bluff. Second, there were way to many people in the pot but I watched the two big stacks and felt like I had a good read on them. The rest of the table were Medium stacks and I really was not worried about them because medium stacks will usually play the hand striaght forward with that flop. What I mean is that there was nothing on the board to slow play other than a set of 8's or a set of 3's. If they would have Q's...I think they would have raised PF. Third, I had a tight image. I had not run a bluff until that time and the hands that I showed down were monsters like KK, and AK. Forth, I bet enough to scary people away and not to much that I would have trouble getting away from the hand. More later...gotta get to work.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Made the switch

I had AK at Party and I raised 4XBB and get two callers. The flop misses me completely but I am first to act and I bet 3/4 of the pot. I get one caller and the turn is no help and pairs the board. I check and he checks. River puts a flush out there so I have a pair board with a flush possibility out there and I check...he bets and I fold. Now I am down to 500 in chip. Get AQ later do about the same thing but I did hit my Q on the flop. There was a K and I bet to see where I was...and that pretty much committed me. Sure enough this fishet had a K4...called PF raise 4XBB with K4o. Anyway, I like that she made that call but I do not like the chip and blind structure so I moved my tiny BR to UB. There you start out with 1500 in chips and the blinds go up every 10 minutes instead of every 10 hands. Anyway, much better play and much better format. I played two $5 SnG two nights ago and took 2nd in one of them. I played in 3 $5 SnG last night and I only took second in one. The play is so much better....heads up in both that I lost I made good players. Got all in with 3's vs. K's which he really out played me on, but last night I got all in with 10's vs. AK and he hit a A on the river to knock me out. I also played in the $5 MTT $2500 guarantee game. Had 500something players and payed the to 60. Um yea, I got 61st. UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH. I hate that. I played for like 2.5 hours and made one bad play. Anyway, I don't want to talk about it. :-)

Got my Thursday night game tonight so maybe I will win there. Let you know tomorrow.
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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Not the Normal Tuesday Night Game

I was going to talk about the Tuesday Night Games but I think I need to vent alittle first.

I have been posting on CP for a couple months or so. I know that I am not a GREAT player and I know that I have a lot to learn, but some of the replies I get to my post kinda fire me up. I have only been playing a little over a year seriously. I read all the time. I have read 7 or 8 books now and I am working on my 9th. Right now I am reading Low Limits Holdem by Lee Jones...I think that is the name of the book. I loved both of Harringtons book and Killer Poker is probably the best I have read so far. But some much of the advice is geared for playing against better players. Right now I am in a struggle with my playing style. For most of my poker career I have been playing by the book. But the players I am seeing are getting worse. They are playing a no foldem holdem game that they think they see on T.V. Online is fueling this movement with all the Nitro's and Speed games that they are starting to offer. My theory is that if I keep playing by the book, then I will probably get by but there has got to be a better way. I think one of my strong points is that I can play multiple types of games. I can play to conditions and have had success in alot of different levels of play. I usually blog on a $90-$100 tournament on Tuesdays. This is a better played game with better players and I win there on a regular basis. My Thursday night game is $30-$50 game and is a mix of Bad and Good players and I regularly win there as well. I sometimes play at a Free Roll at a local Bar in town and the play there is horrible, but I manage to win there also on a regular bases. I also play online and it is the place where my struggle is the Greatest. I have had success, I am still up quit abit of money but I just feel like I am leaving a ton of money on the table because of the bad play. It is a given that you can not bluff bad players so raises are not nearly effective as they use to be. Also positions is not near as important as it should be. This flys in the face of most good players thinking. I have found that I like acting first with bad players and early position is usually the only way to get that options. I feel that their poor decision making skills are made worse when they have to answer instead leading out. By playing like this...I have found that I either go big or go home early and that is usually how the donks do it. So I hate that part of it. I know there is got to be a medium between playing like a donk and playing by the book. Last night I played at UB and the play was so much better and the set up favored the tight aggressive style that I like to play. I got second in the $5 SnG that I played and I actually got out played Heads Up...which is nice for a change. Anyway, I am working on things in my game and my styles might contradict each other. I think the hammering I take on the forum will help with my learning curve. I just want people to know that I am not ignorant but that I am trying thing differently and comparing the results. Anyway, just need to vent.

Didn't play well at the tournament...it was a mix of pure yahoo's and good players and most of the good players went out early. Ex. AK vs. 10 5 o....guy with T5o calls any all in from a medium stack and he hits a straight with the 10. A lot of plays like that. Anyway lost about $40 bucks lastnite. Since the blog +$993

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Weekend Casino Trip

Once a month I got to the one of the two closes casinos to me. By close I mean they are both about 300 miles away. So it is a trip. This weekend I left about 11:00 am Saturday morning and returned home Sunday night about 8:00 pm. My Sister and Brother-in-Law rented a cabin with a couple other couples and let me sleep on the coach.

Anyway, I requested that I wanted a $2/$5 NL game but that if they would open a new table. I also requested a $2/$10 limit table but the line on that was long. I played one hand with pocket 4's and didn't hit anything and about that time the floor man came and said that they were opening a new 2/10 table. I moved to it and had a really good time. $2/$10 is not near as sexy as NL but you can make some money there. The level of play is about the same as a $3/$6 in any casino but you can take more from them. One hand I limp in from MP with 78h and the button raises to $10 and surprisingly everybody folds to me. I call and the flop comes 825 rainbow. Now I know he has got big cards but I am not sure if they are paired or like AK so I check and he bets $10 and I raise to $20. By is reaction I am pretty sure that he has AK and so I know that as long as a big card doesn't show up...I am probably going to take this pot. I bet the turn and the river each $10 and a big card never came and he called me to the river with AKo. And it was like that all night. Anyway, I sat down with $200 and cashed out $617.

I went to play in the Sunday NL tournament. It is a $75 NL tournament with no rebuys. Before the tournament I played and made another $100 so I covered my buy in. Good thing too because I only played 3 hands in the tournament before I donk myself out. I am not even going to blog about how stupid my play was. Anyway, I got home earlier than I planned and that made Monday much easier.

So at the table for the weekend I made around $450. I posed this question on CP and see if I need to deduct for travel expenses. The only reply said that since I was not a pro that I could post only table winnings and let everybody know that was what it was. But after some thought, I think I want poker to pay for itself so I am going to minus the expenses and say that I profited $225 from the weekend. Anyway, my BR is getting back to where it needs to be.

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